Small Advanced Drivers and Riders Cornwa
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Small Advanced Drivers and Riders Cornwa

Driver Training Has Restarted 

Our driver tutor team has restarted training for existing members and associates. Lockdown resulted in postponed tests and training interruptions so we anticipate delays in getting to everyone who needs tuition. We are prioritising those who need a 'refresher' drive for a test or who were part way through their course. Please email me ( or phone (07798 854572) if you have concerns or need advice.

David Enderson - Driver Training Officer  - June 2021

 Rider Training Update

Great, great news; our rider tutors are very busy training associates and we have already had a number of successful first and three year re-test passes post the easing of lockdown in April and May.
However, due in some part to the COVID-19 lockdown, and due to our own success we have a short waiting list of new associates that will not be able to start training immediately.
If you are thinking of signing up for our rider course, please do so as soon as possible to secure your training spot as the sooner you do the sooner we will be able to start your training.  Once you’ve signed up you will immediately be very welcome to join our social, training events and social rides.  Happy days.

Thank you all in advance for your patience and understanding, it is appreciated.
Chris Polawski - Rider Training Officer July 2021


If you're wondering if you should read on, consider some of the reasons people have given us for being interested in getting  advice on how to become a better, safer driver or rider, because simply speaking this is what advanced training is all about.   

Drivers have said to us...
Riders have said to us…

"..........I really enjoy driving but its been  many years since I took my test, so much has changed, and I want to be able to keep on driving safely for as long as possible"


"I'm so alarmed at the poor standard of some drivers I want people to say my driving  is good and that they feel safe when they travel in the car with me."

"I'm thinking of a career in one of the emergency services, or maybe as a professional driver, and I can see this will improve my CV."

"Having to do a 'speed awareness course' made me stop, and think."

"I heard having this qualification might save you money on your car insurance."

"I did a 'Bikesafe' training day run by Devon and Cornwall Police and seeing them ride made me want to be able to ride that way too."

"The first time I took out my new bike having last ridden a Honda 250 back in the 80s, I realised I had to get some training if I  was going to enjoy it"

" A friend of mine did the RoSPA course, got  some  solid, no nonsense advice and passed his advanced test first time."


"Quite simply I wanted to learn to ride in a way that will improve my chances of staying safe." 

"I want to volunteer for Cornwall Blood Bikes and know their riders need an advanced rider qualification"

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