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1st April 2022 to 31stMarch 2023   Membership Renewals
When you have read this page please go back to 'Apply Now' and complete your renewal 

Membership Renewal can be confusing.

We try and keep it clear  and  'fair' for all categories of membership.

Our membership years runs  1st April to 31st March.

(It doesn't run from the date you first joined the group.)

All members except Life Members pay £15 per annum.

There are four categories:-

Full Member - A driver or rider who maintains their membership of RoSPA  HQ and completes a 3 yearly re-test. Also entitled to receive refresher training prior to the three year retest.

(Membership of RoSPA HQ runs from the date of your most recent test and is administered by them not us.)

Associate Member - currently  receiving initial training. (Please read the section further down before making payment as you may not need to.)

Group Member - anyone interested in the  work of the group.

Life Member -  a small group who have been selected for their contribution to the group and road safety.

Step by Step

Step 1.

Filling in the form :- It works best if you do not allow the form to autofill. If the box goes blue, delete what is in it and type in manually.

If you were an Associate but  have passed your test in the last twelve months you are now a Full Member.

Step 2.

Tick the box to say you have read the revised 'Privacy Notice'  and agree to the terms on how we use your data. 

Step 3.

Click SUBMIT - and make your payment of  £15 by either Internet Banking or Credit Card,.

Important Information for Associate Members

If you are an Associate Member  still in training  and you have joined since 1st Jan  2022 you DO NOT need to pay again until April 2023 at which point you will pay just £15 annual renewal. Your  training  and your membership will continue automatically.

If you fall into this category complete the form following Steps 1-3 above, but there is no payment required.

But  if you are an Associate Member, still in training, who joined anytime in 2021 you now need to pay £15 to continue your training and membership of the group. Hopefully you will soon be ready to take your  test.

Complete the form following Steps 1-3 above.

If  you are  uncertain please email  Dave Foster -

Please understand that group tutors or Training Officers won't necessarily have all the information required to answer your question so best to ask Dave Foster.

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